I know, it sounds like an expression you might here on
Scooby-doo along with “Zonks!” or maybe the pop-up impact words from Batman in
the 60s.  What this strange acronym means
is Voice Over Internet Protocol and what it happens to be is something your
business shouldn’t be without.  I’d hate
to admit it, but when FineTech Business Solutions got started we all operated
from our mobile phones.  This made it a
challenge to collaborate on conferences, pass a call to a teammate, or let
alone go on vacation without rerouting both personal and business calls to one
other unlucky member of our team.

VOIP service provides a business with numbers assigned to
each person in the company.  It is a
digital line that can be captured on a traditional desk phone, an application
for your computer, or nowadays even on your mobile through an application.  Typically, you can program in simultaneous
rings to all parties necessary, create a call tree that will hop through a list
of assigned teammates, and open conferencing, warm transfers, and cold
transfers.  Many VOIP service providers
often have upgraded to an automated attendant to route the calls coming in as well
as voicemail to email.  It truly enables
businesses to never miss a call.

With most VOIP service providers, several other features are
provided.  Providers will often supply
additional conference lines, fax numbers, and business analytics.  The analytics included have call recording,
reports for calls outbound and inbound, and call logging to see how many calls
and what average time on the phone is.  I am
amazed at the intelligence the caller id has within the VOIP service that we
are using.  Even if a number doesn’t show
on my mobile, it pops up with the name of the business or caller on my VOIP
desk phone, computer app, and phone app. 
This way I can avoid the war dialers from Russia and answer the clients
calls as they come in.

If you happen to have a mobile staff and most operate off smartphones, convert to a VOIP service to make sure no one is missing calls.  We managed to drop our business mobile plans and save considerably by moving to a VOIP service and even ported the mobile numbers over for free when we started service.  Even if you have a small staff, you can start small and add lines and users as you see fit.  If you are currently having trouble with missing calls or feel like you can never put your phone down because someone always must answer it, please do yourself and your staff a favor and investigate VOIP for your business.

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