Under the Hood: PTech Point-of-Sale
I had the opportunity to have a demo with a couple of our sales team, our President David Finete, and the PTech POS guys.  There is Point-of-Sale devices that you know out of the box just will not cut it for the businesses within your vertical.  PTech POS isn’t that kind of point-of-sale.

They did a really good job developing a POS that fits nicely into a retail store.  Capable of handling inventory, vendor orders, 1000s of items and SKUs, customer relation management, and labor.  Not to mention it has built-in features that allow for the confusing world of taxes.  They have even integrated the option of surcharge, so as to not place the burden of merchant processing fees on the merchant, but on the consumer.  They also wrote in their own custom loyalty program for the merchant to promote business and sales.

Under the Hood
The device itself is a double screen system with an integrated customer-facing display.  It is built on the Windows platform and communicates processing over the cloud but has backups in place so the system continues to run should a dreaded network error arise.  The engineering and software development team at PTech has answered the demands of users, and they have portable tablet systems available on android tablet and windows surface tablets.  It can work with a scanner and weight scale system to facilitate just about any retail store vertical.

Ideal Merchant Type
Designed by retail store owners with a heavy technical background, it delivers, especially in three major retail locations.  Liquor stores can benefit from auto pricing for multi-pack items, RIP management, and liquor store-specific sales promotions.  They included EBT transactions, food stamp tax consolidation, integrated WIC check processing, Buy-down amount management, as well as industry-specific sales promotions for convenience stores.  Finally, supermarkets got a piece of the action with integrated food stamp processing, advanced SIL engine for supplier processing, non-PLU barcode processing, coupon processing, integrated WIC check processing, and specific sales promotions for the industry.

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Top of the Line Client Support
I think what I loved most is the receptive team of engineers and developers.  I had a suggestion to add something to online ordering and they immediately acknowledged it and made a note to discuss it with the software development team.  PTech has delivered a competitive point of sale solution for retail locations operating high item counts and multiple vendors.  It takes the headaches away from the business owner and handles the dirty work for you.

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